About Safire Candles

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We know that there are thousand's of candle companies out there... We will say this. Our Brand Promise is to deliver the best soy candle, with fragrances that will WOW your senses. discount price for cialis

Safire Candles are phthalate free, 100% soy (NOT a blend), 100% cotton wicks and hand-blown beautiful black and white glassware. We are pretty green. Our candles do not produce black emissions and they burn all the way down, so there is little waste.  viagra sales in winston salem nc

We offer a monthly candle club so you will always have your Safires without any effort or thought. More to come at the first of the year on our CANDLE CLUB! pravachol pill identifier

There is nothing more beautiful than light, and to add to those sensory affections, the delightfulness of our unique fragrances complete your Safire experience. buy rhinocort aqua

Nichol Vagrosky created this amazing company after winning Addy Awards, as a graphic designer,  for her artistic designs for her first candle line. She decided to put it into business. It goes hand and hand with her creative firm based out of Oklahoma City.  buy cialis from india

After a few years of testing product development, she decided to come up with something that described what she was hearing her clients long for. Simplistic Elegance. And that is just what she did.  is clomid used for male infertility

With the immense assistance in marketing and product development with her Marketing Director, Haley Buchanan, they have created a flawless, elegant candle line.  cialis pills now

It is an honor to present to you... Safire Candle Line.  take cialis pills

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