Our Fragrances

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Safire is delivering WOW with our unique, splendid fragrances....

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Bourbon Vanilla  cheap name chain necklace

Rich honey and oak flavors blended with notes of spiced vanilla.  Indulge in the aromatic luxury of this brilliant fragrance that will fill your heart with warmth and delight.  buy cialis online best price

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Brandied Pear can you buy periactin over the counter

Sweet, sugar-coated aromas of ripe pear and aged brandy.  This splendid balance is fresh and delicious, a mouthwatering treasure that will carry you away for a fantasy stroll through the orchards of France. 

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Mahogany Teakwood cheap levitra line

A warm fusion of cedarwood and amber with hints of musky leather and fresh lavender.  This bold, attention-grabbing fragrance is our masculine masterpiece that will definitely turn heads…. and noses.


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Fig & Rhubarb how to split pills cialis

A scrumptious combination of fresh and fruity strawberry and melon flavors.  Its crisp aroma makes this candle perfect for any day, in any season.

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Ever Green how to get plavix cheap

A clean and pure blend of spruce and pine, our festive favorite!  Enjoy this warm winter fragrance cozied up to a crackling fire for instant holiday ambiance.  where to buy cheap colchicine

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Grapefruit & Clementine

A nectarous fragrance of tangy citrus fruits with a trace of sweet peaches. Begin your day the Safire way with this fresh, juicy scent that will awaken and please your senses. cheap name star gift

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